Summer Reading

I had a quite relaxing summer this year with not many plans (no traveling for me). So, I took the opportunity to read a few books on my list. Below is a picture of them all (the last two were re-reads for me).


A few quick take-aways:

Stop Talking, Start Influencing (the third book in the top row) had the biggest impact on how I deliver information, both in the classroom and in presentations. It is full of brain science on how to make messages easy to understand and easy to stick. (I considered it a nice follow up to Make it Stick!)

Grading for Equity was an easy read that I couldn’t put down. If you’ve ever considered or tried Standards Based Grading or other alternative ways of grading, this book will probably resonate with you. It addresses the biases in grading and grade books and how we can work to be more equitable.

Crucial Conversations was a great read about how to have difficult conversations with other adults (colleagues, administrators, partners). I really appreciated the “crucial” part of the title, as the author pointed out that these tough conversations need to happen (don’t avoid them) because they are crucial to healthy relationships.

And I recommend Lani Horn’s Motivated to teachers so often that I thought I would re-read it more carefully!


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