The “Most Important” Project

I have been struggling to come up with an engaging summary project for my Calculus and PreCalculus classes. I’ve tried a few things in the recent years, but had not yet found just the right fit. Then I stumbled across this tweet a few months ago:

Screen Shot 2019-06-02 at 3.48.04 PM.png

Larissa shared a link to her version of the project. And now, I have my own version: link.

I got a copy of Margaret Wise Brown’s The Important Book on Then, to introduce students to the project, we read the book in what my students called “kindergarten style,” meaning we passed the book around, each student read one page and then showed the associated picture(s) to the class before passing it on. I must say the book is adorable, and my students enjoyed the 5 minutes we spent reading it together. Each page describes a different object, such as:

Screen Shot 2019-06-02 at 4.01.51 PM.png

I then told the students that we were going to make a book of the important topics from this school year. Each student can choose to work solo or with a partner, and each student or pair will produce two pages of the book: one page will be an important topic from this past year, one will be an important topic we did not get to (polar coordinates, matrices, etc).  I wanted students to both summarize an important topic from the year and learn some math on their own!

Additionally, on the back of each page, I asked students to create, solve and explain one math problem for each of their two topics. I asked them to choose a problem carefully, as we want a challenging problem that will point out different key components of the topic.

The students have just started turning them in. I will show some examples here soon. I’m excited to put them together to make a summary booklet that we can all look through as our closing activity for the year!



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