TMC18–Cleveland Rocks!

What a delight it was to travel to my old hometown for TMC18, expertly hosted by Dave and others at St. Ignatius HS.  My close friend Mattie and I ran a morning session again on discussion and debate in the math class to a full room. I also convinced 3 of my new co-workers to apply and attend!

As always, I was overwhelmed by great ideas. Here are some things I want to work on this year:

  • Assessing with Desmos (a la Julie and Jonathan)–remember to press pause so they can not go back and change answers.
  • Connecting with other math teachers and coaches about leadership in Heather’s session.
  • Writing in math class! I want each student to have a math journal that stays in the classroom and they write in once a week. Thanks to Cindy at St. Ignatius!
  • Need to check out Games for Young Minds.
  • Remember: you are not an imposter. We are all teacher leaders! Let’s build up! (Thanks, Julie)

So looking forward to TMC19 in Berkeley, CA next July!!

2 thoughts on “TMC18–Cleveland Rocks!

  1. Benjamin Leis August 9, 2018 / 4:48 pm

    Wait you’re from Cleveland too? What part? I grew up in Shaker Heights.

    • pispeak August 9, 2018 / 4:52 pm

      Yes! I grew up in Garfield Heights.


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