RSBCMTA Conference

Yesterday, I crashed the Riverside San Bernadino Counties Math Teachers’ Association first annual conference, and I am so glad I did! Just the day of inspiration and insight I needed.

The day started with a great call to action from Chris Shore, focusing us on the Common Core Standards for Math Practice.

He also demonstrated the difference between traditional quizzing and some variation, but more on that later…

Chris’s key note focused our sessions around the SMPs in a good way. I gave a session on debate in the math class. Then, inspired by Tracy Zager’s TMC16 talk, I went to an elementary school teacher’s session on classroom discourse. It was a great session led by Mary Vongsavanh, and it got me thinking more about classroom discussion structures. Something she said that really struck me was “if want want them to do x, give them that experience”…as well as “The more you talk about something, the deeper your understanding.”

One take away is an extension of a Falsification activity I already do. Her example is below. Based on the picture, what is the rule for what fractions go inside the circle? You can “test out” the rule when you think you know it by naming a fraction that you believe goes in (or out of) the circle, and the teacher will confirm.

Screen Shot 2017-09-09 at 7.59.38 PM.png

I have lots more to say about discussion and assessments and all that, but I’ll get more into that later. Thanks RSBCMTA for a great conference!


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