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TMC15! It Just Keeps Getting Better

Some nuggets from TMC15:

  • Exit ticket with student name + a grade = a quiz, not an exit ticket
  • Give feedback before a final grade. Once student see the grade, written feedback is invisible.
  • Arithmetic & math differ like spelling & writing. (Thanks Avery)
  • Debating brings attention to the mathematical process
  • Focus on the structure (roles, routines, etc) takes away the pressure of doing the math
  • Vertical non-permanent surfaces (
  • What if you put the teacher desk in center of room…why do I even need a desk?
  • Work on non-permanent, summarize by putting one good exemplar in notebook
  • Teaching is not brain surgery, it’s harder. The anatomy of most brains is the same. The anatomy of most classrooms can vary greatly.
  • We must share ALL our lessons
  • Care about your students as much as Fawn
  • We as teachers are all trying, to the best of our ability, to have students reach the best of their ability.

Still wondering:

  • Does cold-calling have value or should I avoid it?


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Monkey Minds & Cheese

Shooting out a quick post of some of the gems of cheesemonkeysf, my co-presenter, my teaching soulmate and my friend.

  • The quality of student talk is the #1 predictor of group work success.
  • Say just enough, no judgements
  • Focusing on structure (rather than content) frees our minds/calms our nerves
  • (In September,) The students are going to become our community. We’re just not there yet.
  • As math teachers, “we understand why there’s a second column in the proof”
  • “If you really believe everybody can do math, you have to accept everyone”

She always inspires me!

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