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PBS Webinar

Last year, PBS Boston (WGBH) made some videos in my classroom, as well as several others. The goal was to create an online video library of classrooms with a strong focus on Common Core Standard of Mathematical Practice #3: creating viable arguments and critiquing the reasoning of others. As the online library (called Making the Case) is being finalized and PBS is about to roll it out, WGBH put together a free online webinar for teachers that was both an introduction to the site and a PD for teachers on CCSMP #3…and I was asked to present my debate structures as part of this webinar/PD!

The link to the webinar is here: WGBH Webinar. The first 15mins or so is an introduction to the website and project by the awesome Arthur Smith. Then they show a video of my classroom, followed by a discussion led by me!

It turned out to be a great webinar. Thanks to the many teachers from across the country who joined in!


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Radio Interview with Bloomberg EDU

In honor of Pi Day (March 14th), I was asked to be one of three teachers on a panel to discuss math teaching, the Common Core and Math for America. The recording can be heard at the link below. The first half is an interview with mathematician Jim Simons, the second half (about 15mins in) is our panel. Jane Williams was a delightful host, and the interview you hear was unedited.

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Interview with CUNY TV

This past December (2013), I was interviewed by the folks at CUNY TV for their education show about Math for America. The main part of the episode is an interview with John Ewing, the president of MfA NYC. John Ewing is a great speaker. The interview is a bit lengthy. I appear about 11:30 into the interview.

Here’s the link!

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Videos of My Classroom!

Last April, WGBH (PBS Boston) spent two full days filming my classroom.  They were filming various teachers from all over the country with a focus on examples of the Common Core Standard of Mathematical Practice #3 “Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others.” It was a great experience resulting in 13 short videos with glimpses into the classrooms of different teachers who work to engage students in discussion and argumentation.  Three of them are just of my classroom, and I am in a large part of three of the others.  All the videos can be seen on the main site here: My cameos are listed below. **NOTE: If you watch more than two videos, it will ask you to create a (free) account before you can watch any more!

1. What I think of as my main video, showing how kids actually debate in my math class:

2. A short video on how I have students create rules and theorems on their own:

3.  A really short video on vocab in math class:

I am also partly in these other videos:

4. Get a second sentence:

5. An overview of the whole PBS project:

6. Some planning with my math department (in the second half):

Enjoy!  Thoughts appreciated!

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