End of Semester Reflection

I ended the semester by having students fill out a google form to give feedback on my class/teaching based on the fall semester.  Some questions addressed my initial goal that I verbalized to the class in Sept: that everyone will leave my class (and high school) having found some part of math that they enjoy/find interesting/want to study more.  The feedback was super positive.  Below are some direct quotes from what students wrote that I want to treasure:

1. “I think that there’s a huge difference between teachers who teach because it’s their job and teachers who are passionate about helping children and having a significant impact on their lives . You are by far my favorite teacher at SLJ not only because you’re fun and joke around but because you’re so dedicated to your craft. As a MATH teacher I appreciate you so much because you have patience and you always make sure each child has a solid understanding before you proceed with the lesson. No child is left behind. And as a child who isn’t so good at math, this makes me feel more confident and unafraid to ask for help . So I applaud you and thank you Mr.Luz.”

2.  “Throughout my high school career I have always HATED math , not only because I was bad at it but because I felt uncomfortable asking teachers for help. I felt like they didn’t wanna help me and I was disregarded because I wasn’t as as advanced as the others . But this year college math made everyone feel equal . And lessons were explained and reviewed as many times as each student needed them to be, and that’s really important . I learned many new things and now I’m able to solve problems I had gave up on before. So now math is no longer a enemy, I know I just have to work a little harder to make sure I understand . This was my favorite and most effective math class.”

3. “This class helped me understand math much more than I did before. Also the way you teach makes me enjoy it more.”

4. “At first I did not like math at all because I thought I was not good at it. But Mr.Luz encouraged me to just stop overthinking because I am good at math.”

5.  “Math this year is absolutely amazing and the reason for it being so amazing is largely due to great student motivation and great teaching methods by Mr. Luz. It is safe to say that this year I am actually learning new mathematics skills!!”

6. “I like that you let us “struggle with it”, it makes us better thinkers.”

7. “In the beginning of the year, math was my least favorite subject. This class changed how much I enjoy math because a lot of the material is interactive. You always find ways that keep students interested and actually understand the content that you teach. I feel like you are one of the greatest teachers that I’ve had before. I honestly mean when I say that. You always give students the opportunities to make their grade higher, encourage us to get as much help as we need, and have such a positive attitude.”

8. “I SUPERRRRR LOVEEEE math now!!!!!!! Last year I constantly kept saying math is stupid and boring and it is foreign to me because I did NOT understand NOTHING AT ALL but now I TOTALLY LOVE IT, It’s AMAZING and so are you as a teacher :)”



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