Debate PLT

Tuesday night kicked off the first of four monthly meetings I’m co-facilitating with Steve Viola–a Professional Learning Team focused on debate and discussion in the math/science classroom.  We were nervous and excited, and we ended up with 45 awesome teachers!!  Way more than expected!!!!

There’s lots to share, and I hope some of them will be sharing their thoughts on it too.  Just a quick overview of what we did:

1. Soapbox Debate.  Standing up and saying “My Claim is…and my Warrant is…”

2. Research supporting debate in the classroom.

3. Circular Debate.  Same as soapbox with summary of the previous speaker added in.

4.  How to Start/Examples – Steve did a quick talk about the awesome way he introduces these structures into his classroom: using superheroes!

5.  Then we broke out into groups.  Groups completed (1) Table Debates and (2) Discussion about how to start including this in their own classrooms (maybe as soon as the next day?!).

6.  Hopes & Fears.  A final share out, followed by an exit slip.

At then end, we asked them if they were planning and able to come back to part 2 in November.  ALL 45 SAID YES!!


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