Differentiation: A New Vision

I have this dream of a wonderfully differentiated classroom.  All students learning at a level that is appropriate for them, with just the right amount of challenge, engaged and loving math.  However, I’ve never seen this become a reality.  As a result, over the years I’ve doubted the existence of differentiated instruction.  Now, I’m rethinking…

I was at (part one of) a multi-part workshop offered by Math for America this evening titled “ALL-ED: All Learners Learning Every Day” led by Rhonda Bondie from Fordham.  While I think the title is a little ambitious, I was intrigued enough to go to the first part, this very evening.  Much of our talk was about differentiated instruction. 

We were first asked to free write pluses, minuses, and questions about differentiated instruction.  Then we did small group share out.  I discussed this dream of the ideally differentiated classroom and how I wonder if it exists…Then, I started thinking, maybe differentiated instruction exists, but maybe it’s just that my vision is wrong.  Maybe I was sold on a vague idea of differentiated instruction, and I made up my mind what the goal was.  I had an fictional ideal in my mind, and spent my energy and research with regard to differentiation trying to get there.  Instead, I should take the journey of differentiation and see where it leads me…I wonder what may come of it.


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