First Day LOVE

We had our first day of academic classes yesterday.  I did my usual first-day routine: reading through parts of the syllabus, discussing a few classroom routines, and ending with a short math challenge problem that students can finish on their own.  Nothing too exciting, but I am very conscious of the tone I am setting the entire period as I am messaging all these rules and routines. 

What I do LOVE is the exit ticket that I’ve been giving since 2011 (inspired by Sam Shah!) where students give “feedback” on the class rules, voicing any changes or additions they would recommend.  I blogged about it more here.  It always leads to a great discussion about why some rules exist, and I always make a few amendments to the syllabus, which really makes students feel some ownership over the class and class rules.

Anyway, here’s what I LOVE about what happened this year:

The first question on the exit ticket is “What is one positive thought you have about this class?”  Sooo many students responded with comments such as:

-you are a great teacher

-I feel so excited to be learning math in this class

-I love this class already

I found it amazing that this happened after a day of just reading over the syllabus…apparently I’m really good at engaging and winning over students while reading the syllabus.  Yay!


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